First Manuscript

First Manuscript’s Working Title: Just Add Death And Durham

A crime novel set in Durham, England.

On the DLI memorial cross outside Durham Cathedral on a cold October morning hangs a body. A body with a mangled face…

Detective Chief Inspector Rory Brevet is put in charge of the investigation. A degree holder, he has pursued a police career despite continual disapproval from his wife and friends.

Dealing with a local police hierarchy that resents his recent promotion for outstanding work in high-profile murders, they have to tolerate his methods but don’t have to like him personally. Disregarding their disdain his commitment to solving crime never wavers, his nerves never buckle.

Coping with an alcoholic wife who is a brilliant concert pianist  and children who hate him for what he has done to their mother, he struggles to solve a series of gruesome murders. Bodies have been scattered around Durham in places associated with quietness and beauty. Yet just as Durham has a history of blood, so does this new killer.

A completed work by David C. Newrick currently under submission. For further details please use the Contact Me entry on the menu above or please click on this link to go straight there.


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