I have an Honours Degree in English and a Masters degree in computing. I write websites, I write novels, I write short stories, I write blogs, I write newsletters, I write e-mail marketing campaigns, I write Tweets, I write correspondence – I write a lot don’t I!

Yet I often feel that I am not a writer as such – fundamentally I am a communicator through a variety of media, including print. In many ways we are all writers in one way or another.

This websites is about the many aspect of what I do with the main focus being on writing and websites. Social media is a fascinating area, but a great deal is said about it elsewhere as it is in the ascendancy. If you see anything you like anywhere by all means use the social share buttons provided throughout the site to let others know there is something they my find useful.

On this website are details of two works of fiction in progress. The first manuscript is currently under submission to Literary Agents. The second manuscript is actually being completed as quickly as time and inspiration allows. Use the menu at the top of the page to see a brief synopsis of each of these manuscripts.



This website will be updated as work continues.

For occasional updates, thoughts, information and idle badinage you can follow me on Twitter – My tweets will tend to be more discursive, have comments on the world or those people/things that have passed away and may include release dates, but they are not a sales platform or a way of constantly plugging my work.

This website is hosted on a 'green server' through the purchase of renewable energy certificates which offsets the carbon emissions generated.